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Zas Travel offers a variety of services such as:

  • Convenient and daily briefing about the itineraries of boats from and to the island of Naxos.
  • Reservations of rooms in lodgings of all the categories at Naxos, Cyclades and all Greece.
  • Air tickets for Interior - Abroad (special offers).
  • Internet services in a suitably shaped space.
  • Organised excursions in Greece.
  • Guided excursions in the island, mini cruises at the neighbouring islands.
  • Tickets with all the boats, and mainly useful information that will make your staying in Naxos pleasant and interesting.
  • Harbour facilitations in announced approaches of tourist ships.
  • Office of cars renting with specialised personnel.
  • Rooms reservations at the hotels Iria Beach and Kouros of Naxos.
  • Cash transport in all the world with the reliable Money Gram.
  • It is worth knowing:

  • Naxos is the 10th in size Greek island (430 sq. km) and the biggest of Cyclades.
  • The tallest mountain of the Cyclades is Zas (1004 metres).
  • Naxos produces rural products of exceptional quality (potato), cattle products such as cheese - milk etc.
  • The mining of Naxos is also important. Emery of the best composition. Marble well-known from the antiquity.
  • The nature of Naxos is characterized by a big variety.

  • The natural environment of the island is proposed for hiking walks where between the cultivated slopes and green gorges that frame the torrents, there are scattered Byzantine and post byzantine ecclesiastical monuments.
  • A lot of interest present the monuments of the classic antiquity (islet, palaces, ancient quarries with semifinished kouroi, archaeological spaces Iria, Giroulas at Sagkri), the collections in the archaeological museums of the city and at Aperathou constitute an important sight by themselves alone. Another important sight is the total of the old industrial installations of Emery at the Eastern coast.
  • Characteristic details that compose the architectural physiognomy are the towers and the tower-monasteries buildings in Naxos after the 13th century.
  • An extensive road network reaches now the most of the points of the settlements.
  • The big coastal line of Naxos, of about 140 kilometres in length, is mainly constituted by sandy beach and ideal bights for sea sports.
  • In every occasion, ask to try the local eau-de-vie CITRON OF NAXOS (distillation from the leaves of citron, at three different degrees). The usually little time of passage, constitutes a good motive for an enjoyable weekend (weekend-brake) excursion in Naxos.

    Seek with us the various possibilities in order to better enjoy your vacations!