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Venus Rent a Car

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Venus Rent a Car

VENUS Travel Service was founded in 1981 as a car hire company in Rethymno of Crete. It grew fast and adapted to the conditions of the tourist market on the island of Crete. After years of successful car hiring, it opened its activities to general travel services.

Experience had shown that visitors to Crete mostly ask for rental cars in connection with asking for accommodation. VENUS Travel Service responded flexible to this demands and is now offering a package of services from accommodations all over the island of Crete to car hiring and the organization of excursions.

We have shown flexible, trustworthy, humane and own an car fleet today, which is kept well and is continuous renewed to the best service of our customers. After more than 25 years, in which we gained experiences and obtained gains, the office is accommodated since 1989 in our own building in Platanes, Rethymno. This step turned out to help keeping costs within limits. Therefore we can afford to keep prices stable. By hiring experienced, future-oriented personnel, we are able to meet the demands of our customers. Become acquainted with us Crete!