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"Nothing viable can be achieved by people who drink only water"


This and many other similar verses provide entertainment for the customers of this tavern that is not only famous for its traditional cuisine, but for its wine as well.

On the ground floor there is the main dining hall that functions all seasons, where one can choose to sit outside when the weather agrees.
The environment is nicely decorated without being flamboyant. One feels as if he is travelling into the past when things were simple. The tables are set in a very plain fashion and the walls are covered with images of old Athens . In the corner, there is a bouzouki and a guitar which await to take life in the hands of an enthusiastic customer.

In the rear lies the kitchen where visitors are amazed by its simplicity. A traditional steam table allows easy viewing of the delicacies that are created by Manolis, the owner of the tavern. Some of the many selections include pastitsio, giant beans, stuffed tomatoes, squid with spinach, chickpeas, spinach-pie, stews and various meats and fish prepared to order on the grill.

The ingredients are selected with care and Manolis doesn\'t compromise with quality. For all these reasons, "Taverna tou Psirri" is frequented by a wide range of customer: From businessmen and executives conducting business while they eat, tourists passing through the neighborhood, to the simple man of Psirri who has turned the tavern into a second home.
I n the basement there is an additional dining room which is functional during the winter season.

Whenever you decide to visit "Taverna tou Psirri", day or night, winter or summer, good food and good wine will stimulate an unforgettable experience.

Thank you for your interest in Taverna tou Psirri. We are looking forward to serving you soon.