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Silfion,"the finest of all vegetables". as characterized by Aristotle during his time when asked about this well-known plant.

The Greeks and the Romans used it as a garnish for their meals, especially with beef and cheese. Additionally, silfion was used as a base for spices as well as for medicinal purposes. While countries of the East use it in order to add flavor to spice mixtures, throughout the years, silfion has disappeared from the Greek cuisine. Thus, this name works as a reminder of tastes that have been lost and need to be remembered again.

This history inspired the owners to create "Silfio" in 1997 with the intentions of honoring tastes.

The decoration creates a cozy atmosphere. Materials that have been used are wood and stone, whereas some details, such as the light fixtures with colorful hand made glass, make all the difference. The expanded and renovated dining area, which comfortably seats 120 persons, allows visitors to enjoy not only the cuisine, but live music as well. There is live music every night and Sunday afternoons.

The dishes that we offer will differ from other dining experiences that you have had in the past. Meat dishes, pastas, salads and a selection of pies and hors d\'oeuvres, all prepared with a mixture of different ingredients that are uniquely blended. Our specialties include pig\'s knuckles with honey, the delicious "Silfio" pie with tomato, mozzarella and basil, the aubergine millefeuile, and the stuffed lettuce leaves with lemon sauce. And for dessert, the fantastic chocolate brownies with ice cream which is our specialty.

The dining hall is also available during afternoon or evening hours for business meetings, seminars, receptions, happenings and holidays with competitive prices. They can also be combined with live music, according to the occasion.