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Pozar Palace Hotel

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Location Loutra Pozar

Pozar Pallas Hotel & Spa is located at the center of Loutraki, on the central road. It has been recently renovated and is characterized as an ornament of the Baths with the same name that abstain just 1,5 km.

With gargling therapeutical waters along its width and a forest that surrounds them as if it guards them, the Baths of Loutraki at Pella charm even the most wary guests. The water that comes from the mineral springs of the Baths is called as savior by many, as it heals many diseases and is proper for therapy of bathing or drinking.

The temperature between the 6 main springs is 37 degrees of Celcium. You can enjoy the water at one of the specially formed interior pools (spa), at the interior hammam or at one of the 40 bath-tubs. For the daring ones the big exterior pool with warm water is offered for dives so much during the winter as during the summer.

It is worth visiting the amazing gorge that constitutes the first cave park of Greece. The Baths of Pozar dispose organized outdoors activities, such as climbing, hiking, rafting and for the more calm travelers, tour at the caves and the folklore museum. An earthly paradise is waiting for you at only 10 km from Aridea and 100 km from Thessaloniki to offer you health and beauty. Visit the Baths of Aridea and discover the variety of natural beauties of the prefecture of Pella.

For the even more daring ones, the countless waterfalls with the 5 natural lakes where the warm waters steam from the ground forming unique pictures, are waiting to offer you a hydro massage. Precipious rocks, natural waterfalls, wild vegetation with high trees and the famous gorge of Loutra with the 16 caves is another picture for the Baths of Aridea at Pella.