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Gerakas Port


The picturesque Port of Gerakas is found at a very close distance from the famous Monemvasia, at the location Epidavros Limiras. At its interior the "fiord" is revealed, a landscape of rare and imposing beauty. The wonderful settlement of the Port is built near the sea, at the base of the hill, and reminds an Aegean island.


The ancient city "Zarax" is tracked down at this location, at the North and eastern edge of the Municipality of Lakonia, where the people of Lakonia lived from 1300 b.C.

The "Castle", as the local people use to call it, is surrounded by a wall of "Cyclopian" technique, but its secrets are well hidden below the dust of the centuries. This natural port, has become at the passing of the time, a starting point for pirates, a station for the Byzantines to repel the Saracuses and property of the Venetians. Pavsanias has written about the port of Gerakas. In the book of the famous Greek writer A. Karkavitsas, "words from the stem", the port of Gerakas became the reason for Captain Valmas to stamp his only son, when in the mist of the storm that threatened to sink their ship, the child insisted that behind the rocks of the Myrtoon sea, there was a secure and lee port.


The port of Gerakas today, protected from the weathers with its amazing environment, the lagoon, and the little taverns that offer the fishes of the day, is a destination for unforgettable and calm vacations, every time of the year.

At a close distance we meet the beaches "Kohilas", "Vathy" or "Vlyhada" and "Tama" or "Baogeri", each with its own unique beauty. All of them compose an ideal place for submarine fishing because of the rocky sea area. The coastal line, forms private beaches and bays that can also be reached by ship. For swimming, the pool of the group "Porto Cadena" is also offered, that is located to our cafeteria "Apothiki Tsavala".