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Ensalada pica pica
Salad with lettuce, cabrales, apple, pine nuts and avocado vinaigrette

Ensalada mixta
Salad with cabbage, radish, carrot, lettuce and pepper-and-rice citronette

Ensalada verde con remolacha y yogurt
Green salad with beetroot, walnut and yoghurt sauce

Queso de cabra
Goat cheese with basil


Pappas pica pica
Diced fried potatoes with three sauces (brava, aioli, pica pica)

Pappas arrugadas
Roast potatoes in rock salt with mojos sauce

Classic Spanish omelette with potato and onion

Jamon serrano
Thin slices of leg of pork, matured for 12 months

Plato de quesos variados
Variety of Spanish cheeses

Plato de embutidos variados
Variety of Spanish preserved meats

Pulpito gallego
Fresh octopus braised slowly with boiled potatoes

Empanadillas de carne
Spicy meat pies in piquant sweet sauce

Empanadillas de marisco
Crisp seafood pies in piquant sweet sauce

Setas mixtos con ajo
Variety of mushrooms flavoured with garlic

Mejillones pica pica
Steamed mussels with cream sauce

Chorizo con puerros
Classic Spanish preserved meat with leeks cooked in honey and wine

Salchicha devenado
Sausage cooked in pomegranate sauce

Petchuga andaluza
Crisp and spicy chicken wings

Gambas en gabardina
Breaded shrimps with mix of aromatic spices

Albondigas de carne
Spicy meatballs in tomato sauce

Cucas de pollo
Crispy chicken pieces with bacon

Cucas de gambas
Shrimps wrapped in bacon

Pinchos de gambas
Grilled shrimps served on a spit

Pinchos de pollo
Spit-grilled spicy chicken

Pinchos de cerdo
Small souvlakia of spicy pork

Pinchos de ternera
Souvlakia with pieces of tender beef

Pinchos variados
Variety of pinchos (12 pieces)


Paella valenciana (minimum 2 persοns)
Classic paella with seafood and chicken (serves 2)

Caldera de rape en salsa romesco
Monkfish medallion with romesco sauce

Pollo al ajillo
Classic chicken recipe with garlic and wine

Vueltas de lomo con queso
Grilled slices of pork with melted cheese

Vueltas de ternera con queso
Grilled slices of beef with melted cheese