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guesthouse Philon

Try an early in the morning wakening to enjoy in two hours away from Athens, in a mosaic of pine trees and fir trees at the highest habitable village of Greece, on an altitude of 1365 meters, at Magouliana of mountainous Arcadia and the guesthouse Philon. The hospitable traditional guesthouse, which was renovated by a Greek lady who had a grand grand father from the village and who in nowadays goes to every corner of the planet and carries the respect for her roots and the air of a cosmopolitan person who knows how to remember what gives meaning to his life!

An old traditional stone made house of three floors, viewing at the valley of Mainalo and at the village from one side and at the square with the plane tree of thousands years from the other side, guarantees an initiation into the peacefulness of the nature of Arcadia. The luxurious spa and sauna as well as the furniture from all over the world, are harmoniously bonded with the two stone domes of the house and the fireplace, which was decorated by the young lady with pebbles from Alfios and N. Makri, as her grandmother was from Minor Asia. And she used to tell many fairy tales and poems, as many as the myths are that the house is narrating through the pebbles.