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Location :Loutraki - Pella

In just 3 klm from the hotel there is the Therapeutic Centre of the 'Pozar' Spa where the visitor can enjoy the unique hammam and relax with the care of the spa therapy.

The climate and the environmentpush the visitor to escape by climbing, mountaineering and exploring the gorge and the cave shelters of the 'Pozar' Spa.

For the hunting lovers, hotel 'Filippio' has a tour guide, who will transfer you to the all green mountain chains of the area combining this way fun with care for your personal health.

For the ski lovers, 39 klm from the hotel there is the ski centre 'Kaimaktsalan', a unique picture of landscape with all white tracks of natural snow.

In the wider area of our province, you can choose from suggestions of every kind, for entertainment (horse riding, trekking, kayak) and food (traditional local cuisine).