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Orama Hotel

In 2004, Krikeli family built a hotel, accessory for the region of Lake Plastira, between Krioneri and Kalivia of Pezoula, and is waiting for you to offer you a great and full of activities accommodation. Orama Hotel is a 4 star hotel and disposes facilities such as fireplace and fully equipped kitchen in every room. Here you will find the traditional architecture of the area and the comforts of a modern accommodation. Orama Hotel consists of 6 suites and 10 studios with private balconies, viewing the lake.

Lake Plastira and the around region is offered for every season of the year, as it combines winter tourism with snow, having a ski center that is developed at a close distance, with magical tours around the Lake Plastira that has a perimeter of 65 km and tours among clean paths at the surrounding mountain of Agrafa.

At spring, an amazing season with a feast of colors the region is offered for great tour combinations, but also at summer it is offered for tours around the lake and at Agrafa but also at the weir of the Lake Plastira, where in 1925 the general Plastiras had the vision of the plain between the mountains and on an altitude of 850m that would be an ideal point to build a weir that will give water to the plain of Karditsa and an amazing lake that would be that would be exploited in the future for tourism.

Some companies with several activities as well as organized beaches such as this of Pezoula are developed around the lake during the summer months, where people swim at its crystal clear waters.

We are waiting for you to evaluate and program your vacations and we will make great suggestions for escapes for every season of the year.

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