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In the history of Psirri, "Oraia Penteli" has played a very important role.

It was the place that since 1830 merchants from the local wholesale markets would meet in order to relax with good food, drinks and be with friends.

known figures such as King Othonas spent many nights here incognito enjoying a glass of wine and exchanges with the locals. In the attic there is a private space with a fireplace preserved from the time that Venizelo's private assistant lived here.

This historic building was saved from destruction and was renovated by Vasili Papageorgiou son of Pavlo, who started the Papageorgiou presence in Psirri in 1912 by opening a bakery on one of the other narrow neighbourhood streets.

This begun a tradition which is continued by his grandchildren today.

Oraia Penteli is a Cafe-Restaurant that has become one of the most beautiful places in Athens .

You can enjoy your coffee in the square in front of the restaurant, and continue with an appetizing lunch choosing from our traditional menu or one of our daily specials.

Our cuisine is mainly focused on traditional Greek recipes and gives special attention to the quality of the ingredients used (for example meat from Naxos).

In the evening, your dinner will be accompanied by an endless repertoire of live greek music as well as a wide selection of wine labels or our special house wine.