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Long Beach Hotel

Long Beach Hotel is located on the coastal region of Longos on the north coast of Peloponesse. Its capacity is 140 rooms, 20 of which are bungalows only a few meters away from the shore. The distances from nearby cities are: Patra 20 km, Egio 7 km, Athens 180km. The nearest airports are Araxos (70km) and El. Venizelos in Athens (180km). The nearest ports are those of Rio and Patras only 30 km away.

The approach by vehicle is quite easy since there is a junction on the main national road at the village of Longos. There are also buses of the National Bus Service (KTEL) every 30 minutes from Athens and Patra to Egio, which is the closest destination. Furthermore, there are on an hourly basis, services of the National Rail Network (OSE) from and towards Athens and Patra. In any of these cases we offer the possibility for our guests to move from and towards the stations. Moreover, we offer the capability of transfer in greater distances. However, this can be done on request of the guest. Some useful links for these are the following:

. www.ose.gr

. www.ktel.gr

The location of the resort can be characterized ideal as it combines different vacation concepts. The resorts' coastline is approximately 300 meters long and the rest of the 20 square kilometers of the resort are towards the inner land of Achaia. This is a combination of the Main Building, 24 bungalows and well-attended green gardens.

Taking into consideration the description so far, it is obvious that our guests are offered not only the chance for either quiet or intense summer vacation (with excursions to locations with cultural interest, cities to explore their night life and remote locations), but also for winter vacation, given that the skiing center of Kalavrita is only 45 minutes drive away (45 km). There is also the possibility of visiting places of archeological interest in one-day excursions. Apart from the popular ones (Olympia, Delphi, Epidaurus, Mycenae and Kalavrita), there are more than 100 monumental excursions in Peloponesse that have been accounted for and are of unique beauty and interest in the Greek environment