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There are many amazing places in Parnassos you can visit such as Pano Agoriani, where you can enjoy a meal at the many taverns that are found in the central square of the village. A verdurous village near the ski resort, it doesn't offer a particular active nightlife but the life is quieter than Arahova and it is the perfect place for your accommodation and a start up point for all excursions to the near by areas.

If you enjoy going to taverns with a group of mates, than the road that deals to Polidroso (Kato Souvala), a large village on the foothill of Parnosso. To get to Polidrso follow the road towards Gravia, and turn right at the intersection after Lilea. However if you turn left, you will find yourself on road towards Vargiani. The drive is uphill and has many turns but the final destination is worth it. To take a stroll around the village you would have to leave your car at the entrance. The settlement is protected by the government and no buildings can be torn down and is the favourite meeting place of locals on the weekends. It is also worth to pay a visit to Ano Souvala, an under populated settlement in amidst the pine trees that can be reached by car from Polidroso. Here you can enjoy the peacefulness, the relaxing strolls through the narrow laneways, the hospitable families that own the two taverns and the clan air, without noise pollution and traffic.

For those who enjoy walking or cycling, there is an enjoyable route through the National Park, it takes about 2-3 hours and follows through the marked route E4. You can start at Paleopanagia and head for Agoriani, at the start of the route make a stop at the cave of Korikion Andron, which according to the myths it was where Apollo would meet the Nymphs of the mountain. While traveling towards Arogiani, you can admire the natural verdurous beauty of the National Park. For those who visit Parnossos for the skiing, there are some new changes made to the ski trails, as well as the new addition of the snow-boarding trail, which is a length of 100 metres. They have also now have an addition 500 new parking places.

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