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The capital of the county, a large trade and industrial center, Lamia has nothing to be jealous of from the other capital cities in Greece. In the area that Lamia is now found, there used to be an ancient city of the same name, shows that there are many ancient treasures to be seen and discovered by a visitor. Such as the Medieval Castle, the renovated building of Othonikou Stratona, in which you will find the Archeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Public Library. It is also worth visiting the Gorgopotamos Bridge that was blown up in 1944, causing serious damage to the grave of the hero Athanasios Diakos, that fought, was tortured and died at Lamia.

The Thermopiles, world known for the battle between the Persians and the 300 spartan soldiers. It is worth paying a visit to the statue of Leonida, the king of Sparta that was erected in memory of the Thermopylae Battle on the historical bridge of Alamana.

One of the seaside villages of Fthiotida, which is well known for its hot springs. It is a large tourist attraction with many hotels, restaurants, cafes and clubs. A visitor can enjoy a swim in the well-organized beach that it offers. It is also worth to taste the incredibly delicious loukoumades (doughnuts).

HiT360.com Travel Guide