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Wo man bleint : Fthiotida Hotels

A county that gathers a large of holiday seekers every year, Fthiotida offers many beautiful summer resorts with exceptional busy beaches as well as beautiful mountainous sights that can be combined with sinter sports at the ski resort in Parnassos. Here you will also find many places of historical importance such as the Thermopiles, where the Spartan King Leonidas fell heroically with 300 other soldiers against the Persians, Alamana, where Athanasios Diakos made history, and Gorgopotamos, a memorable point of the resistance against the Germans. Offering a well-planned road system, it is easy to visit all the little towns of the county, such as Stilida, Domokos, Atalanti, Aghia Marina and Agios Konstantinos. Main attractions are the Kamena Vourla with its beautiful beaches and many hotels and Ipati that is famous healing spas. At Mount Kallidromo you will find the known Monastery of Panagias of Damastas at a height of 750 meters. The capital of the county is Lamia, a modern city with a lively nightlife and represents one of the most important trade and economic centers in Central Greece.

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