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Wo man bleint : Karpenissi Hotels

Karpenisi is a small town that offers everything to a visitor; built in the centre of the mountain, surrounded by forests, narrow valleys and impressive rivers. A town with modern facilities and comforts, but also a paradise for adventures seekers. It has a very well organized ski resort, where anyone can enjoy all kinds of winter sports. At Velouhi, outside the known ski resorts, there are slopes that a visitor can ski on. Karpenisi is also a great place for canyoning, mountain cycling and rafting. There are also rivers for all levels of kayaking. In the waters of Aheloou River and the Lake Kremaston are perfect for rafting, with rapid and clam waters and the impressive ravines that are cut through by massive rivers that are the perfect place for canyoning. A visitor must also note that, according to the publishing of UNESCO in 1991, the area of Evritania are Karpenisi are considered one of the top five cleanest areas on the world. The town of Karpenisi offers a world of things to see. The plaza, which the centre of the town, with the "eternal water" and the ancient sycamore trees, you will find the statue of Markos Boutsar. It is also worth it to visit the Aghia Triada Cathedral, which was renovated in 1645. Near the town there is the Kefalovriso, a place of serenity, where Markos Boutsaris was killed in 1823. Visit the official site of the Municipality of Karpenissi : www.karpenissi.gr

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