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In 1937, Mesologi was proclaimed a "Sacred Town" by law for the invaluable sacrifice in the fight of 1821, to be more specific for heroic defense in April 1826 and for the endurance under the Turkish sieges. The town is built on the Hersonisi and located between the lagoons of Mesologi and Klisovas. The lagoon of Mesologi, which is connected with the liberating fight against the Turks, it is one of the 11 most important water lands in our country and has been legally proclaimed an Important National Water Land and is protected by the Ramsar Treaty that Greece certified in 1974. On the islands of the lagoon, which are Klisova, Vasiladi, Aghios Sosti, Shinia, Prokopanisto, Dolma and Poro you will find Vivarium, that produce the famous Mesologgi fish. In the town of Mesologgi, it is worth to visit the Museum of History and Art that is housed in the old town hall, the Museum of the Trikoupi, the Museum of Palama, the Gallery of Modern Art of Christos and Sofia Moshandreou and the war Museum. You should also visit the Folklore Museum, where you will find many examples of folk art and weavings, but the most important is the offer by G. Kokosoula with the singular photographs of the Old Mesologi. In the valley of Mesologi, there have been built and flourished many great towns such as: Plevrona, which is one of the legendary acropolis in Etolia, built where the Castle of "Kira-Rinis" now stands. Today you will find the ruins of a small theatre, as well as the ruins of a old market place and the large dam which probably is one of the greatest worksbuilt by Ancient Greeks. In Kalidona you will find the walls of the town as well as the Temple of Artemidos Lafrias and Ancient Alikyrna.

HiT360.com Travel Guide