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Formerly known as just the road to Epirus and the Ionian Islands, Etoloakarnania with its rich natural beauties, salt lakes, rivers such as Aheloos and Evinos, mountains, gorges and beautiful towns call to a visitor to get to know the area better. Here the views are unbelievable, the plains and valleys are combine perfectly with the mountainous heights around. Beautiful beaches you will find at Vonitsa, Menidi, at the Amvrakiko Gulf and Nafpaktou. A visitor will be impressed at Mesologi, which is built on the shores of the salt lake and offers a lively recent history of Roumely. It was rebuilt in 1829 after the catastrophe that followed the departure of the besieged by the Turkish in 1826. There are many places of attractions here, such as the archeological monuments of Plevrona and Kalidona. If you ever find yourself in Etoloakarnania, also pay a visit to Agrinio, a town north of Mesologi, well known with tourists and also an important town of the county. In the southern tip of the county you will find Antirio, the departure and arrival point of ferries boats towards Peloponnese.

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