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HiT360.com Travel Guide HiT360.com Travel Guide


An area with a wealth of history starting from ancient times all the way to today, Central Greece or Roumeli as the locals call it, offers many rich beautiful sights as well as places with major historical importance. From Thermopiles and Delphi to Mesologi and Parnassos,

HiT360.com Travel Guide HiT360.com Travel Guide


Formerly known as just the road to Epirus and the Ionian Islands, Etoloakarnania with its rich natural beauties, salt lakes, rivers such as Aheloos and Evinos, mountains, gorges and beautiful towns call to a visitor to get to know the area better.

HiT360.com Travel Guide HiT360.com Travel Guide


One of the most tempting places for unforgettable holidays, Evia is the second biggest island in Greece, but a bonus is that it is connected by bridge with Central Greece since it is only a few meters apart at its closest point which is the Channel of Evripou.

HiT360.com Travel Guide HiT360.com Travel Guide


A county that is well known for its archeological importance, the world known Delphi, gathers thousands of Ancient Greek History fanatics every year. Those who congregate to the center of the earth” as the Delpi were known in ancient times, come to see the Manteio (Oracle), the Theatro (Theatre) and the museum where the impressive Iniohos can be seen.

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HiT360.com Travel Guide HiT360.com Travel Guide


A county that gathers a large of holiday seekers every year, Fthiotida offers many beautiful summer resorts with exceptional busy beaches as well as beautiful mountainous sights that can be combined with sinter sports at the ski resort in Parnassos.

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HiT360.com Travel Guide HiT360.com Travel Guide


A county very close to Athens, it is often a popular choice with Athenians for weekend getaways. Main attractions of the area are the beaches of Evian and Corinthian Gulfs, whilst in winter the best places are the ski resort at Parnassos.

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