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Tsagkarada is located at the Eastern side of Pelion, at the Municipality of Mouresio. An ideal place for every season and every guest, every mood and every activity. Magical forests and clear clean beaches combine mountain to sea, meaning mountain to view. At Pelion you are what you dream of. The intention of people to share, accommodate, serve, give with all their heart their great mood, is the most important thing.

The Eastern Pelion has a lot to offer you, with its view to the Aegean, the magical forests, the walks through its narrow streets, its unique sights, the amazing traditional tastes, it combines relaxation to the beautiful scenery.

Traveling from Tsagkarada to Hania at 15 km one meets the traditional Municipality of Zagora with its amazing apples and the traditional sweets. Nature reaches perfection and there is a variety of paths for tours.

The beautiful beaches of Horefto, Agioi Saranta, Makria Rahi of Pelion, compose a scenery unique in variety and a feast of colors of great charmness. The ski center Agriolefkes is found at a distance of 15 km, with the most modern equipment and installations at the chalet Pliades”. Keep traveling, at 3 km from the ski center, we meet Hania, which preserving the tradition can offer anything traditional that exists at the region.

The Municipality of Milies, an important tourist spot of Pelion, is located at the south side of Pelion, 20 km from Volos. At 2 km distance, there is Vizitsa, with beautiful historical guesthouses.

We are waiting for you to live life together as it should be lived.


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Anilio- Agios Dimitrios- Kissos- Tsagkarada- Ksourihti

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