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The municipality of Portaria is found at the South West side of Pilio and consists of four villages with Portaria being the seat. It is located between the wonderful beaches of Pagasitikos gulf and the snow of the peaks of Hania at Pilio, where great ski tracks are formed at the region Agriolefkes of Hania. It disposes many hotels and guesthouses and communicates with Volos by motorway. At the descending to Volos one can see an amazing view of the city at the cove of the gulf.

Among the cultural events of the summer, the ones that stand up are the revival of the wedding in Pilio and the dancing festival in Portaria, as well as the feast of flowers at the other side, of tsipouro in Katochori and of sausage in Stagiates. The traditional Makrinitsa with its great square and its traditional mansions glimbing on the mountain, is a great place and an attraction point with amazing view, at 2km from the Municipality of Portaria.

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