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Pilio with its many little villages cannot be explored in just on weekend. Nevertheless we will try to recommend as many villages and sights, so you would be able to get to know this wonderful place better. Three of the most beautiful villages in Pilio are for sure Milies, Vizitsa and Pinakates. For starters you can pass a whole day at the Milies, since the villages offers many beautiful sights. First you must visit the church in the central square of the village, in which you will find a beautiful mural of the Second Coming for Jesus Christ. Near the church you will find the library of the village that contains rare scriptures and a small museum. You must also pay a visit to the old train station, where the legendary Moudzouris used to finish every journey. In the last few years, the old route Lehonia - Pinakates - Vizitsa - Milies has been reopened, but the timetable is very infrequent. Our second stop in this journey (just 4-5km after Milies) is Vizitsa, an impressive village with many restored mansions. Walk up to the main square of the village for a stroll and a coffee at one of the little cafenia. After Vizitsa, you continue to the village of Pinakates, one of the most beautiful villages of Pilio, with a picturesque main square. Southern end of Pilio, is less known and that's why it is much more quiet, it still offers many amazing places to see. First stop is Argalasti. When you get there, before you visit the main square of the village, be sure to take a walk through the village and the small pathway that leads to the old school there. As you leave Argalasti, turn left at the crossroads of Metohi and Lavko. The road that follows passes through olive groves and in the distance you get a glimpse of Pagasitikos. At Lavko is your second stop. Built on top of a hill, the village has an amazing view of the gulf. Before leaving, buy some herbs that are cultivated by the women of the village. Following the road downwards you reach Milina. Full of sharp turns to offers an remarkable panoramic view of Pagasitiko. Milina , a summer resort with a lively nightlife, is pretty quiet this time of year and reminds one more of a fishing village that it once was. Here you can enjoy a coffee at the beach. Photographs are taken from the personal site of Nikos Himonidis

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