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According to valid information, the 12 Gods of Olympus used to pass their summers in Pillio, the centaur's mountain. And even if it is all just a simple myth, it is not by chance that the Gods chose Pilio as their summer destination. It is also not by chance that during the Turkish rule, the area was under the protection of the Sultan, who also presented it as a present to his mother. In nowadays the area is known all over the world for its beauty and thousands of visitors every year come to admire the wild flora, the running waters, the stone mansions and the wide spread beaches. The best time to admire beautiful Pilio is Spring or Autumn. However since Spring is still a long way off, get ready for Autumn and a quick getaway. Why? Because... In pilio you will find over 500km. of laneways and dirt roads that are perfect for bush walking and because of the rich flora of the area, most journeys are made under the refreshing coolness of the forests. Also there are many natural beauties and sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters to enjoy, both on the Pagasotiko Gulf side and on the Aegean Sea side. After that you would have to choose where to stay, sea or mountain? Both provide excellent food and accommodation establishments. There are many little taverns that will suit everyone's tastes and budgets, starting from the seaside establishments, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and working our way up to the mountainous ones, which are mostly found in the villages. As for accommodation? The best establishments are the traditional stone mansions with their distinctive architecture that was brought down from Epirus by the builders. After all that information, you can't be still thinking about it! This is the best time to visit one of the most beautiful mountainous villages complexes on the world.

HiT360.com Travel Guide