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Plastira Lake

The Plastira Lake is an amazing attraction point for tourists from all over Greece and abroad and is located at the prefecture of Karditsa, the geographic department of Thessalia on an altitude of 850 m. The settlement is great all year long and there is a variety of activities for everyone. The courses around the Plastira Lake are of almost 65 km and there are companies that organize several activities.

The municipality of Nevropoli is the main attraction point for tourists as it has the most accommodations of the region. The wonderful mountains around the lake coexist harmoniously with the Plastira Lake for 50 years now. The surrounding villages are: Krioneri, Pezoula, Neraida, Kalivia of Pezoula, Filakti, Neochori, Mpelokomitis, Karvasaras, Karitsa Dolopon. Many modern tourist companies, conference center spaces, traditional cafeterias, enterprises, local product and presents shops operate at these villages of the municipality of Nevropoli. They also operate companies of boat renting for touring around the lake and the region. At several places around the lake, there are organized areas for archery, biking, paths with signing for mountain bike or walking with possibilities for horse riding and touring. At the beach of Pezoula there is an outdoor theatre, where many cultural events take place during the summer. A while before Neochori, there is the botanic garden as well as the center of environmental education that operate all year long.

At the region, it is worth visiting the mountain shelter of Agrafa, the beach of Pezoula, the monastery of Agia Triada in Filahti, the forest Mpelekomitis, the observation station, the barrage, the gorge Keredan, the Mega Rema, the cave of Gakis etc. Visit the region of Plastira Lake, feel its unique environment, and you will renew your appointment again and again with the Plastira Lake and its accommodations.

We are waiting for you with many activities every season of the year.

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