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Welcome to a land of history and natural beauty In the southwestern part of Peloponesse, you will find the beautiful county of Messinia. On the west, it meets the Ionian Sea, on the south the Messinic Gulf, in the east it is bordered by the county of Laconia, in the north by Southern Ilia and in the northeast by Southern Arcadia. Welcome to Messinia, the hospitable Messinia, the sunny and bright since the sun rises over Mount Taigetos and lights this beautiful and enchanting place making the summer last longer so that locals and visitors can enjoy the clean and fresh atmosphere and sea. Welcome to a land of history and natural beauty. Come and visit the beauties of this area that tie beautifully with its significant past and bright future. According to recent archeological discoveries, it is said that Nileas created Messinia about 4500-4700 years ago and that his reign and the prosperity of the area lasted till 2300bC Another story says that the first inhabitants of Messinia were the Leleges, whose Queen's name was Messini. The citizens of the area used to live off the sea. Most of them were tradesmen and brave sailors rather then farmers and ranchers. The approximately 150 Mycenaean findings prove that Messinia reached its highest point in development around 1600 BC with approximately 80,000 residents. In 1184 they fought in the Trojan Wars, their leader being King Nestoras who was one of the most important heroes in the expedition that Achaia lead against Troy. After the return of the Messinians from the Trojan Wars, a great disaster accorded (we do not know what it was, earthquake, war etc.) that caused thousands of deaths and the population was reduced to only 8,000. In Messinia you would find many big and beautiful beaches that have been awarded for their cleanliness, as well as awarded for places such as picturesque gulfs, evergreen mountainous villages, pleasant climate, quietness, their castles, monasteries, fertile land, verdurous hills that spread out in this blessed part of Peloponesse. Here you could also visit the enormous canyons and Mount Taigetos. In the Messinian Cove you will find Kalamata, the capital city of Messinia, with its many times awarded beautiful and big beach and neoclassic houses. In western Messinia and next to the Ionian Sea, you will find Kyparissia. In the Northwestern side is the charming Methoni and on the Northeastern side is Koroni, that strongly resembles the Cycladic Cities. Next to the Navarino Bay, you will find the beautiful city of Pilos, which also holds many island characteristics such as the many arches in the buildings. And last you can visit the mountainous Trifilia and pay a visit to the Temple of Apollo. It is worth touring the major cities and surrounding areas of Messinia, magical and enchanting places such as Mount Taigetos, Mani the land of rocks, seas and canyons.

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