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Anavriti or Vriseai is located at the south of the Municipality of Farida and at the west of the Municipality of Sparta, on an altitude of 850 meters.

The settlement was built in 1000A.C. at the same location with the settlement of the Mycenae times and preserved its initial name, Vriseai. As the capital of the Municipality of Vriseai, it constituted the most important craft center of the region with Pan-Hellenic industrial transactions having as main activities the leather dressing, candle making, shoe making and cattle-raising.

The guest can admire the variety of churches from the Byzantine and after Byzantine period and the only school of the village that now houses the Botanic and Geology Museum, with many plants and rock from Taigetos.

Nowadays, Anavriti composes an ideal destination for calmness and relaxation, where the visitor can enjoy, not only the natural environment, but also the treatment of the two traditional taverns and the comfort of the hotel Anavriti, which was recently renovated and offers a warm and nice environment, where comfortable sleep, homemade food, tidbits at the fireplace, games and the company mood create every hypothesis for a pleasant stay.

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