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With easy access from Athens, since it is connected with the National Highway, Ahaia has 2 beautifully diverse sides to visit: the splendid coast side villages with the exceptional beaches, especially from Akrata to Kalogria and the verdurous mountainous hinterland, with forests full of chestnut trees and pine trees where you will find the Kalabrita. The journey to them is quite magical especially if you take the cogged railway. For those who prefer skiing there is the Helmou Skiing Resort, which gathers many from all over the world during winter. Patra is the capital of the county and is the biggest city in Peloponesse, and a major portal to Greece for foreigners thanks to the great harbor that it has. This lively city is well known all over the world for it Carnival, that is the peak of entertainment for the locals and gathers people from all around for a weekend of music and dancing.

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