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Wo man bleit : Mykonos Hotels
Speisen : Mykonos Gaststtte
Dienstleistungen : Spielraummittel
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World famous is the island of Mykonos, with out a doubt the most cosmopolitan island of the Aegean, it gathers thousands of holidayers to its shores every year from all over the world and also is the first choice for well known persons, who visit the island every year for their holidays, some even have their own private holiday house that they use. The explosive tourist growth of the island has not ruined in anyway the unique Cycladic architecture; Mykonos has still kept it charm, beauty and attraction of clean sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The town of Mykonos was declared a national treasure by the government, thus putting the town under preservation. While visiting this lovely town you will surely be impressed by its pictorial beauty of the old houses, laneways and especially the island�s mills, that are well known all over the world. It is worth taking the time to visit the museums in Mykonos, the monasteries of Turlianis and Paleokastrou and the ruins of the towers at Platy Yialo. The whole of the south and west part of the island completes the tourist area of Mykonos, there you will find many hotel and resort establishments. Even there are many hotels in Mykonos, it is very hard to find accommodation if left too late, that�s why a visitor is better off booking very early.

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