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Wo man bleint : Heraklio Hotels

There is a flame in Crete, let's call it 'soul' something beyond life and death. There is this pride, stubbornness, bravery, this daring and together something else, that indescribable and indefinable, that makes you glad you are alive... These are the words of Niko Kazantzaki, who was born and raised in Crete. It is hard to describe what you will experience and see while visiting this large island, in just a few pages. So we will divide it in pieces, and today we will talk to you about Heraklion. A city of 200,000 residents, the birthplace of Niko Kazantzaki, the artist El Greco, the singer Niko Ksilouri and many others. It is also where the Minoan Knossos is and where the world known village of Archanes is found as well. Here is where you will taste the traditional and true Cretan cuisine and the purest olive oil. You will enjoy the many and beautiful beaches. You will enjoy staying in one of the many fully equipped accommodation establishments, since it is well known that Crete is one of the most organized areas in Greece, and entertainment... the fun does not stop even in the winter months. Handakas, as Heraklion was called in 9th century, was a piratical base, and in the 1204 when the Venetians come it was renamed to Cantia and during their rule many great works where made to improve the island. However the Venetian governor Francesco Morozini handed over Crete to the Turks, who rule for 20 years straight creating chaos, violence and death. In 1822 with a proposal made by the Cretans, the name Heraklion was taken. To enjoy the sights of the city, you can tour by foot with a map always handy, since we all know that Heraklion is kind of like a labyrinth. The taxis are cheaper than they are in Europe and public transport is frequent and on time. Heraklion is connected by air with all the overseas cities as well as Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Mykono, Santorini. By ship it is connected Pireaus, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Karpathos, Chalki, Io, Paro, Santorini, Kassos, Diafani, Naxos, Syro, Tino, Mykono, Skiatho, Volo and Skyro. We are sure that if you ever find yourselves in Crete, you will want to re-visit. There is not one person that did not fall in love with the island. And as we mentioned at the start, it is so big that surely one visit is not enough to see all the beauties on the island. We hope you have a god time...

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