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North of Evrou and at a distance of 30 nautical miles, you will find Samothraki. It is an island that is especially mysterious, with a wild natural beauty and important archeological sites. Here a visitor can tour the Oid town and the Temple of the Great Gods, in which according to history in the 7th century, was the venue where the Kaviria Sacraments were held. In the museum of the Old Town in between the artifacts that were found you can also see a copy of the statue “Nikis”. The real thing is found in the Louvre Museum in Paris. There are many beautiful beaches, even though forests cover most of the island. Here you will also find the tallest mountain in the Aegean the Feggari. The road system is well organized in the north and west of the island since most of the beaches are in this side of the island. Lately the island has received a large tourist growth and there are many rented rooms and apartments. The main town of the island is found 6 kilometers from the harbor.
HiT360.com Travel Guide