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A county of rare beauty, it is one of the few places in Greece that gathers tourists all year around. Here you find a combination of verdurous mountains such as Pilio and Othrios together with summer resorts with beautiful beaches in the interior side of the Pagasitikou Gulf as well as in the exterior of the Aegean. It is not by luck that especially the area of Pilio, according to the tradition it was the homeland of the Centaur, every year thousands of holidayers gather there to enjoy tours of the villages and the beautiful mountain. Since this is a popular place for vacations there are many accommodation establishments such as hotels, apartments and rented rooms, whereas ski lovers have the mountain at their disposal. The capital city, Volos, is a large modern city built in the foundations of Ancient Iolkou and offers many archeological sites to see and visit; some of these are Dimitriada, Dimini and Sesklo.

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