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Where to stay: Poros Hotels

Just some meters away from the Peloponnisse coast of Galata, is the island of Poros, but offers a beautiful landscape and but the geography of the island is much different then all the other islands of the Saroniko. In the little streets of the main town, that is found opposite the Galata, where there are still many of old buildings remaining, it gives the island the island I romantic feel. However that doesnít many that there are many hotels to serve all the tourists that want to visit this exceptional island. There are many different sites that you can visit when you are on Paros, such as the old Nafstathmos, where now the Navy Training Center is now housed, the ruins of Doriko Nao of Poseidon in the north district of the island, the archeological museum and the Public Library. Here you will also find many beautiful beaches for swimming such as the Megalo and Mikro Meorio, Askeli and the Monastery of Zoodohou Pigi, which can be reached by bus or boat.

HiT360.com Travel Guide