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Where to stay: Aegina Hotels

Aegina has a well-developed tourist movement especially in the summer months and gathers many Greek and foreigner holidayers. Many Athenians have their holiday houses here, and on weekends the island is full of visitors. However, even with all the commotion the island still remains a beautiful island that hangs to it culture and tradition. There are many hotels that cover the demand of accommodation needs of the visitors so there is no fear of not finding accommodation. A visitor to the island will enjoy sandy beaches and clear waters, rich vegetation and quaint villages; these can be reached by the easy road system of the island. Some sites to see are the ancient temple of Afeas Athinas at Aghia Marina and the Monastery of Aghou Nektariou, where you can see the remains of the Saint. In the capital of the island, Aegina, which was for a short period was the capital of the new established Greece, is a lovely town with a neoclassic style, with a lively nightlife.

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