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HiT360.com Travel Guide


Three towns, with large historical importance and tradition. The perfect combination of natural beauty together with the remains of ancient civilizations, create a landscape of rare beauty that will impress even the most demanding visitor. Pilos is a small picturesque town, which reminds one of an island town. Built amphitheatrically on the southern opening of the Navarinou Bay, where the famous historical sea battle took place, the town ends at the port. It is worth it to pay a visit to the well-preserved 16th century castle of Pilo, as well as the palace and tomb of Nestora, the King of Pilo. As for those who prefer the sea, the beach of Voidokilias will satisfy every taste. Methoni is built on the ruins of Ancient Methoni, with its majestic castle that was the most famous in the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages, and it is rightfully known as one of the most beautiful areas in Greece, since it perfectly combines the old with the new, and the natural with the man-made. Don't neglect to visit the impressive castle, a Venetian work of art, as well as the Bourji, a small fortress that is on top of a small island that in connected with the mainland by a stone bridge. A visitor can enjoy the sea and sand, with a view of the castle. Can you think of a better view? Koroni is a small traditional settlement, with a rare natural beauty. Built amphitheatrically, with the end point the Venetian Castle at the highest point, it gives a visitor a sense of being back in the Middle Ages. The main landmark of Koroni is the castle that was also built by the Venetian, together with the one in Methoni, the difference being that the castle of Koroni is still inhabited! A stroll through the laneways of Koroni will enchant you, Also you must not neglect to see the monastery of Aghios Ioannis, which is built on top of the Temple of Apollo. And for those you enjoy swimming, Petalidi a huge and beautiful beach that stretches all the way to Kalamata! Visit one of the three towns, or even better all three since the distance between them is very short and leave them to take you to other times, long ago.

HiT360.com Travel Guide