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Where to Stay : Messinia Hotels

The southwestern district of Peloponnese you will find Messinia, an area with a good climate and spacious areas full of olive groves and vineyards nearly the quaint little villages surrounded by lushes vegetation and Mount Taigetou, which also divided Messinia with Lakonia. Many vacationers gather here for the beautiful beaches with their crystal clear waters. Here you will also find the historical areas of Methonis and Koronis, which remind you of a medieval town with beautiful Venetian castles. In the southeastern side of the county you will find the peaceful area of Manis, an area of wild natural beauty. Also the county has many small towns such as Kiparissia, Filiatra, Gargaliani, Messini and Pilos. The capital of the county is Kalamata, a modern and lively city, which offers a visitor a world of things to do and see. It is worth tasting the famous Kalamata olives, as well as their oil, wine, figs and sultanas.

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