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Trikala Korinthia

A while after Xylokastro, heading to Patras, the road takes a turn to the left, following the signs we head to Trikala, 24 km from Xylokastro.

During the way and before we arrive at the first quarter of Trikala, we meet several villages, such as Riza and Rethi.

Trikala Korinthias are constituted f three quarters, Kato, Mesaia and Ano Trikala and is the biggest village at the east side of Ziria. They are located on an altitude of 900m., 1000m. and 1100m. each and are one of the most ancient mountain resort centers. Trikala were built at the place of the ancient Misaio, during the 10th century, from the plain men, who were chased by incursioners, and went up to build villages at a beautiful and natural location. Trikala have been the homeland of Notareoi at the past, who were powerful men from Korinthos.

The worth seeings are many and important. Starting from Kato Trikala, the guest can see the imposing temple of Ag. Dimitrios, of 1967, with its expressionism wall paintings.

At Mesaia Trikala the guest can continue with a visit at the Monastery of Holy Mary, built in around 1700, by the metropolitan bishop of Korinthos, Grigorios Notaras the third.

At Ano Trikala, many stone build mansions and churches of 16th- 18th centuries are saved, which the guest can visit, such as the Notarades Mansion and the famous temple of Ag. Nikolaos with the great wall paintings dated back to the 10th century.

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