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Among the most beautiful Prefectures in Greece Korinthia, among the most beautiful, fertile and privileged Prefectures in Greece, is situated in one of the most picturesque parts of Northern Peloponnese. The Prefecture of Korinthia is washed by the Gulf of Corinth on the north and by the Saronic Gulf on the east. These are two of the most enchanting stretches of sea in Greece and lend the Prefecture a special lustre and beauty, while at the same time providing good sea communications. Korinthia possesses some 90km. of lovely coastline from Ayii Theodori to Derveni. A shoreline with indented beaches accessible to all the world, with lovely small recreation centres along its route and particularly friendly inhabitants. It also has a coastal zone with a series of beautiful villages and the sea is famed for its clean, blue crystal waters. Korinthia, however, has an exceedingly varied landscape. Its mountain range has many beauties to offer. Among its green and pleasant mountains are picturesque hamlets and fascinating watery element of its enchanting lakes, the historical Stymphalian Lake, where Hercules slew the Stymphalian Birds, the lakes of Pheneos and Zereia. Nor are tourist summer resorts lacking, like Loutraki, Isthmia, Kiato, Xylokastro and Nemea. Korinthia is a specially fertile and prolific region, producing wine, grapes, citrus fruit, etc. and possesses a modern road network. It has a long and glorious history with notable historic monuments, like the ancient theatre of Sicyon, the castle of Akrocorinth, the Museum and Stadium at Ancient Nemea, the Museum and Archaeological Site at Ancient Corinth, the Heraion. It also has superb sights, like the famous Corinth Canal, the pine forest of Xylokastro, the DOXA dam on the Pheneos, lovely Posidonia, the Ancient Lechaion Harbour and many more beauties which are worth seeing, savouring and enjoying in a warm and hospitable environment.

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