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Ilia is one of the most beautiful areas in Greece, since is had the best of both worlds, beautiful beaches and the wild slopes of Mount Erymanthos. You will find the medieval settlements and remarkable water lands, the spectacular water forest of Folois and the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Starting from Pyrgo and passing through a forest of oine trees you will find yourselves in the western district of Peloponnese with its golden beaches. Next to the surf and 25km from Pyrgo is the serene lake Kaiafa, which empties its waters into the sea. Ilia is famous for its hot springs, and there are many people that stay near the lake to bath in the healing waters of the lake that are know to cure arthritis and respiratory problems. There are small paths that cut through the vegetation and reach the waters that are famous for their sea bass and water birds that make the lake one of the most important water lands of western Peloponnese. Near of the capital city of the county (23km) you will find the Ancient Olympia, in the verdurous valley in-between Alfio and Kladeo. This is one of the most important archeological sites of the world. It was the most important and the biggest temple in ancient times. Here you will find the famous gold and ivory statue of Zeus, a piece of art created by Fidia. While there it is worth it to visit the Archeological Museum. Your next stop should be the modern town of Olympia and the museum of the Olympic Games, and see the large and famous collection of stamps that are dedicated to the Olympic Games. As you make your way towards the intersection the leads to Lala, the autumn vegetation will surround you. Soon you will find yourselves at the plateau of Folois, at the foothill of Erymantho. Here you will find the water forest of Peloponnese. Whilst walking in between the tall trees that hides the sky with their canopy, it is sad journey considering the fact that one day it might not exists since it is not yet protect by the government as a national park.

HiT360.com Travel Guide