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Where to stay: Ilia Hotels

The waters of Ionio Pelagos surround the county of Ilia that has some amazing beaches bounded, which are lure many beach lovers every summer. All over the beachside high way, you will find many beautiful small towns built on the lush plains. Here you’ll find many pine tree forests, and splendid towns with warm springs such as Killini, Kourouta, and Kaiafas and are all well developed tourist areas. For all those who have a sailing vessel can, visit the ports of Killini and Katakolou and they can also visit Zakintho, which is close by. West of the capital city of the county, you’ll find one of the most important archeological sites not only in Greece but the world, the Ancient Olympia, where in ancient times was the place where the famous Olympic Games were celebrated. It is here, that every four years, with the help of the Greek sun, the Olympic flame is lit and taken to the city that is hosting the Olympic Games.

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