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Mainalo Ski Area

The ski centre of Menalo is located in the heart of Peloponnese on the homonym mountain (which has been rewarded internationally for its natural beauty) and specifically in the region called Ostrakina. It abstains 30 km from Tripoli and 162 km from Athens and constitutes the nearest ski centre to Athens. The way to reach Menalo is by following the national road Athens — Tripoli (a closed motorway), which includes a piece of provincial road of about 20 klm with astonishing beauty through firs.

In the ski centre there is a Snowboard park, a ski floor specifically formed for Snow tubes, and the first plastic skiing floor is about to start functioning. There is also a Snow bar at the ski floor Erato on a height of 1600 metres, between clumps of firs, which has panoramic view.

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