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Enjoy the rarely alternations of the nature from “Lousio” River until the lake of “Ladona”.
Admire the stone bridges and the architectural masterpieces of Lagada, get to know the history, entertain yourselves at the local festivals and at the traditional celebrations.
The main characteristics of the municipality of Lagadia are: landscapes that fascinate the visitor, history of many centuries, richly cultural and folklore tradition, mansions made of stone, hospitable people, local, pure products and home made dishes.

The plaza of the village is full of life, surrounded by shops, café, restaurants, samples of folk art and local products.
Hostels and renting apartments they offer full hospitality. At the same road there is the city hall, always at the service of every visitor to ask any information.
Upwards the plaza of the village there is the high school and senior high school, which from architectural point of view is unique and constructed in 1868. The first practical senior high school of Greece operated after the revolution.
At the village you will admire the fabulous architectural of the houses, you will meet triplex houses made of stone with veranda a real work of art made with desire from capable workman.
At the northern part of the village there is the mansion of Deligianni, one of the famous families of Gortinia. One of Deligianni’s family members is Kanelos Deligainnis, the generator of the Greek revolution of 1821 and Theodore Deligiannis that serve as minister of Greece. In many parts of the village there are remarkable fountain made and built of stone, work of art of previous century.
At the top “The Virgin Mary of Gounari”, with the beautiful view to the entire Ionian Sea.

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