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A county that combines a mountains landscape and beautiful beaches, Arkadia gathers crowds from all around all year around. On the coast of Arkadia, at Myrto Pelagos the beaches are crystal clear, and here you will also find the monuments of Tyro, Paralio Astros and the picture some Leonidio. As for those how own a craft they can explore picture some little gulfs that are found all along the coast of Arkadia. In the mountainous inland of Arkadia with its exceptional climate is where you find the capital of Arkadia, Tripoli. The city is an important trading and transportation center in Peloponesso, but it is also a lively place with lots of entertainment for all. In Tripoli you will also find resorts such as Vitinas and Stemnitsas, which are 1000 meters above sea level. There is also the skiing resort Menalo. There are also many ancient sites that you can visit such as Tegeas, Karitena and Madinia. The road system is well organized and it is easy to travel by car to all the sites.

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