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ORMA: Geographical department of the Municipality of Aridea at a distance of 15 km from the town of Aridea. It is one of the most beautiful villages of Almopia, built on the foot of the mountain Voras and on an altitude of 324m. Orma has habitants since the age on iron. It is said that from the forest of Orma, also known as the Black Forest, Alexander the Great supplied with the wood for the construction of the javelins of the army, the famous “sarissasā€¯ that had 6 meters length. It is one of the most beautiful forests of Greece. It is so dense, that the rays of the sun never reach its ground.

During the last years the region is developed as even more guests arrive at the village because of its position on the foot of the mountain Vorsa, its natural beauty and its very close distance with the spa of the baths of Loutraki.

A river passes through the village, at the right and the left of which, there are huge plane trees, where one can enjoy their shadow and moments of calmness and relaxation. The plane trees of the square are of more than 100 years old age. Indeed, in the cavity of one of the trees a foreigner used to operate a shoemaking shop.

The ski center Voras (Kaimakstalan) is located at a distance of almost 30 km from the village. The way is amazing as one passes the Black Forest. For the lovers of mountaineering and walking, Orma is an ideal place to begin having Voras(European path E4) and locations of unique natural beauty as destinations. Such locations are the “Black Forestā€¯, the “Kali Pediadaā€¯ (Great Plain also known as “Dobro Polieā€¯), the gorge of the Baths (Ramno Bor). At a close distance from Orma there is also the spa of Loutraki where one can enjoy a warm bathing.

During the years of the Turks' domination, the village was named Tresino and took the name Orma again by its liberation. There are two versions that have to do with its name's destination. The one mentions that the sea used to reach the village at the past, there where there was a bay (ormos means bay in Greek). The other mentions that it took its name after the impetuous waters of the torrents that came from the mountain Voras (ormi means inpetuousness in Greek).

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