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The spa (spa-therapy and drink-therapy) are located at 360-390m elevation and at an area of 75sq.meters. They abstain 13km. from Aridea, the capital of the municipality, 30km from Edessa, the capital of the prefecture of Pella and 100km from Thessalonica.

Five spa gush along the warm river's riverbed, that goes on his flow into the sink of Almopia. The area is montane. The intense rotation of tumps and concavities, the flow of the warm and cold water and the reach flora gives out a unique view characterized by a dynamic motion and beauty. At this place, with the healthy climate, the visitor cares for his personal physical health and sanity. The waters have been regarded as spa in 1920 after providing its beneficial effects to the human for centuries. The water supply is today 650 cm3 per hour and the temperature is 37 - 380 C. The water is referred as warm HCO3-Ca-Ng-K-B-As, with a few metal elements, hypo tonic spa.

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"Eden's Garden"
The unique in perfection verdurous nature is interrupted only to douse with the waterfalls and the little rivers. Keeps strong the secrets of the caves, which are precious works of art of nature and incomparable on the part of beauty.

"Greek Alps"
The beautiful side of the mountain Voras (Kaimaktsalan) well-favored of God. Has the best natural ski tracks and snow for 9 months in a year. Finally, for those who after the exploration step on the crown, there is a wonderful gift: to almost "touch" with their eyes without fogginess the sky.
The spa of Loutraki (Pozar) is known since the ancient years.

The legends and some findings are talking about the use of their sanative effects in the years of Alexander the Great and in the Roman and Byzantine period too. The spa grows up and develops unexceptionably in these years. The habitants build up the first hotel. In the misty period of the Balkan wars and the A' world war they come to the property of a private individual for almost half a century. In 1984 after the fighting demonstrations of the habitants of Loutraki the spa has been resigned to the community of Loutraki. Since 1990 the spa has been under the administration of the communal enterprise "Loutra Loutrakiou Pellas" which nowadays is an immiscible municipal enterprise.

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