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A considerable distance from Athens, but very close to Thessaloniki (only 135km.), Kaimaktsalan has many advantages. With the longest snow coverage period then other mountains, it is in operation from end of November till the start of May.

Except of the ski resort, Kaimaktsalan also offers a beautiful natural landscape, which is perfect for stroll through the flourishing forests. Since it is a popular place for winter holidays, you will find many restaurants and hostels in the neighboring villages that meet the demands of vacationers.

As you travel towards the ski resort, your first stop should be at Panagitsa, one of the villages that are accustomed to the large tourist movement. The active locals have created a joint-stock company, which is responsible for the betterment of the village. The next stop is Palios Aghios Athanasios, but first you must make a detour to the small park, Dasikis Anapsihis.

It is found just a few kilometers higher than the village, in amongst the chestnut trees. The view from up here is remarkable; at your left is the gorge of Ramno Bor and to the right there is Vegoritida. The park is very well organized, with a tavern, cafe and playground. There is also a manmade lake

The road for Aghios Athanasios is all uphill and full of turns, but leads to a beautiful little village. The houses are made with gray hewer stone that gives the impression of seriousness. About 4-5 years ago the village was totally abandoned, since all the locals moved to settle down, a bit lower in a new settlement. But after the ski resort was built, and visitors to the area started to arrive, it was the incentive to move back.

From there, by following the road signs, you will find yourselves in the ski resort. It is found about 2050 metres high, whereas the ski slopes can reach up to 2480 metres. There are 14 ski trails, of different levels of difficulty; and one of them is the only one in Greece that is of Olympic proportions. There is also the a ski trail for snowmobiles and a snowboard fun park for the fanatics.

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