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The Prefecture of Kozani, the largest in West Macedonia, is situated at the crossroads of the Regions of Central Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly. The Prefecture is characterized by an impressive cluster of mountains, plateaus, valleys and expanses by lakes combined with the prevalent water element and the sensational alternation of scenery and climate, rich in flora and fauna. Beautiful traditional settlements are scattered all over the mountainous clusters of Voio, Pieria, Askio and Vermio. Mountain shelters, guesthouses in traditional settlements and the camp at Zoodochos Pighi lend themselves to organized hospitality and accommodation for those who want to get away even from the small towns of the area. Paleontologic and prehistoric findings, treasures of classical antiquity, Byzantine, post - Byzantine and modern monuments comprise the historical image of the Prefecture and the organized town planning of the Prefecture up to the present. Our Prefecture, mostly known for the high supply of electric power in the country, has remarkable, alternative forms of production and employment to offer, which provide the Prefecture with an active profile: renowned and greatly prized marbles of Tranovaltos, the excellent fur processing in Siatista and Eratyra, the unique, in Greece, cultivation of saffron, the fine quality of fruit (peaches and apples in Velvendo and apples in Eordea), the great variety of dairy products, the fine wines (such as the renowned "liasto" wine from Siatista) but also the specialized small - industry products give the Prefecture and enviable entirety, allowing it to claim its rightful place in Greece and the Balkans. Carnival in Kozani, read about the local culture during this crazy time of the year

HiT360.com Travel Guide