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Anybody can travel around a lake in every possible way: by walking, by bike, by car. What remains the same, regardless of which way you do it, is the absolute serenity of the area. The rise in fur production has brought the locals of Kastoria, economical stability and as a result many beautiful Kastorian mansions have been built, many of them are found in the area of Doltso and add to the beauty of the town. Next to Doltso, at Dispili, archeologists believe that about 7000 years ago you would have found a pile-dwelling settlement. The Byzantines also built beautiful churches, so for any lovers of Byzantine architecture will remember their trip to Kastoria forever. About forty churches are found in Kastoria and some are the best examples of exceptional Byzantine Architecture such as, Mavriotissa, which is found next to the lake, Panagia Koubelidiki with its singular architecture, Aghi Anargiri with its expressionistic murals and many more. Centre of traditional Kastoria with its magnificent mansions, are the towns of Doltso and Apozari. Impressive mansions, genuine and rare examples of Macedonian architecture, are proof of the good economic conditions that are the area experienced in the 17th and 18th century. Today there are about 12 left, the most interesting ones are Natzi, Bassara and Arabatzi, which also houses the Folklore Museum of the town. And of course a town with such a large Byzantine influence must have a Byzantine Museum. You will find it at the Dexamenis Square. Around the lake there are many restaurants, taverns and cafes that will remain unforgettable. The city of Kastoria can be used as your home base for any excursions or tours you might make to western Macedonia. Some examples are: day trips to Prespes, Kaimaktsalan or Nimfeo. For something closer, there are the mountainous villages of Kastoria such as Vogatsiko, Avgi, Eptahori and Klisoura.

HiT360.com Travel Guide