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The county of Grevena, is found in west and it is mostly surrounded by mountains, which also act as the borders of the county. On the west side you will find Mount Smolika and the mountain range of Pindou, which separate the county from Ioannina. In the southern district you will find Chasia and on the east side you will find the Kamvounia Mountains and Mount Vourinos. The capital of the county is also called Grevena and it is built at a height of 543m. above sea level. At Central Square you will find many stores and restaurants that serve delicious local meals that are perfectly accompanied with a glass of the local wine. At a distance of 47km. from the capital city, you will find the Paliouria. Built next to the River Aliakmona, a short distance from the Monastery of Isiou Nikanora that was built in 16th century. At the monastery you will also see the hermitage that Aghios Nikonoras died in. The surrounding area is magical and it is worth take a stroll around and admire the natural beauty of the area, it is also a great place for fishing. Also about 45km. from Grevena you will find the village Perivoli. Here in amongst the lush vegetation you will find the ancient Castle that has been standing since the 6th century. In the north, Chani Lola deals to Smili, last stop before reaching the slopes of Pindou. After the village of Zaka, the road, through a magical lanscape of pine trees, leads you to the village of Spileo (Cave). Northwestern of Spileo, you will be enchanted by the magical location "Aeras tis Pindou" (Air of Pindos) where the air gusts loudly. When you reach the entrance of the cave the temperature suddenly drops due to the underground river that runs through it. At the Smolika, at an elevation of 1500 metres and a distance of 55km. from Grevena you will the well-known village of Samarina. As legitimate small village, every year at wintertime it used to go in hibernation. However for the last 5 years things have changed. A winter vacation at Samarina it totally different from a summer one. The area has amazing roads that twist and turn through verdurous landscapes that lead to many sides of the mountain. This is not a place for long-term vacations but it is worth to visit the monastery of Aghias Paraskevis, which about 5km. from the village. The most beautiful buildings in the village are definitely the churches, since many of them have been standing for many centuries. However you will find them locked up but it is worth it see their architecture, starting from the Panagia ti Pegali on the centre of the village and work your way around

HiT360.com Travel Guide