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Chalkidiki Hotels

Where to stay: Chalkidiki Hotels
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An area with a well-developed tourist visitation, Halkidiki is an attraction for many holidayers every year, thanks to its beautiful beaches and luxury resorts and lively nightlife. Here you can enjoy water sport, and also remote bays with unique natural beauty. It has some fantastic views and since the road system is being constantly developed you can travel by car and see the beauty of the country yourselves. It is a lovely place to visit as a tour from Thessaloniki, but don' t exclude the possibility of serious holidays. Even here you will find archeological sites to visit, such as Olinthos, Stagira and Toroni. At Petralona you have to visit the grand cave with the archeological findings that have made it world famous. The capital city Poligyros the its fantastic climate, built on the planes of Profiti Ilias, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and fruit bearing trees with a view to the south peninsula.

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