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Where to stay: Zakynthos Hotels

Zakynthos, the third largest of the Ionian Islands, covers an area of 410 square kilometres and its coastline is roughly 123 kilometres in length. The terrain is varied; there are fertile plains in the southeastern part, which merge gently into peaceful bays and golden beaches while the western side of the island is mountainous with steep cliffs along its coasts. The mild, Mediterranean climate and the plentiful winter rainfall presents the island with dense vegetation. Olive oil, currants, grapes, citrus fruit are principal products. The capital, which has the same name as the prefecture, is the town of Zakynthos -apart from its official name it is also called Chora-. According to a 1991 census, the island has a population of 35.000 inhabitants.
Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Zakynthos. The conditions are perfect from the beginning of May until mid-June. The weather is pleasantly warm but not too hot; beaches are not crowded; and accommodation is cheaper and easier to find than in the mid-June to end of August high season. Conditions are once more ideal from the beginning of September until mid-October as the season winds down.

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